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19 Years Old, Developer at 1Password.

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While I'm deliberately not calling them resolutions, I do have some goals this year. One of those is to stay more active by swimming as often as I can. Recently, while thinking about how I could promote that, I had an idea! Could my bank Monzo's integration with IFTTT help? What I've ended up with is a simple penalty system that runs on a two day cycle. If I don't go swimming on any particular...
I've always loved the programming community. Sites like Stack Overflow help us all, and while they can sometimes get fierce, the shear number of discussions on Twitter show how we all feel connected to the platforms, languages and communities we associate with. When I look for programming livestreams, however, I find myself unable to find developers working on interesting projects. And they must be out there... Discovery Development streams are too hard to find. I...