Oliver Dunk

Oliver Dunk

22 years old, Developer at 1Password



The secret third option for Serverless WebSockets on AWS

If you're looking to send live data to and from a web frontend, you've probably already seen AWS services like API Gateway or AppSync. If you're particularly curious, you may even have come across AWS IoT Core - but if you're anything like me, you were put off by seemingly complex requirements, like articles explaining the supposed need to setup Cognito and register each of your users as an IoT "thing". Through more research, I... (Read More)

Tinkering with de4dot, ILSpy and Harmony to mod the Steam game NERTS! Online

Throughout the pandemic, I've had fun playing NERTS! Online, a competitive solitaire game by Zachtronics. A friend and I got curious to look at how it works, and in doing so, I got the idea to see what it would take to mod. As far as I know, nobody has written a NERTS! mod before - so I had to figure out the process from the beginning. This was very much a labor of love... (Read More)