Oliver Dunk

Oliver Dunk

20 years old, Developer at 1Password

Providing HTTPS on custom domains in a SaaS app

In my free time, I run a software as a service app called MCJukebox. Users of the service each control a single page. Advanced users are able to make this page accessible on their own domain by pointing a DNS record to our servers. This has worked well for a number of years now, but a significant limitation in the feature up until recently has been the lack of HTTPS. Adding HTTPS support has always... (Read More)

Here's why you can't trust a text message

Last weekend, I received a notification by text that my WhatsApp subscription had expired. Immediately recognising this as a scam, I decided to investigate further. I began by opening the full conversation in my messaging app, so that I could see any extra details which might help. The sender was labelled as "WhatsApp", which confused me, because I hadn't had a text from WhatsApp before and this definitely wasn't a message from the company. It... (Read More)

Making a PWA with Netlify

I've been using a service called Netlify recently, which is based entirely around the idea of static hosting. I decided to try and convert the popular TodoMVC application into a more complete progressive web app, and that's where we start our journey. I also published this article in video form, available here. What's a progressive web app? The concept behind being a progressive web app is to create a webpage providing a high enough level... (Read More)