Oliver Dunk

Oliver Dunk

22 years old, Developer at 1Password

Using a MIDI controller to mix Mac application volumes

For a while, I've wanted control over the volume of individual macOS applications, using a physical controller. This would allow me to turn Spotify down when I'm concentrating, or turn up a Slack call if I'm struggling to hear. I've seen this done in Windows, but never in Mac. I recently found a solution, using the open source BackgroundMusic project, and my own code to interface with a MIDI device. In this post, I'll share... (Read More)

Keeping habits with Monzo, IFTTT and apilio.io

While I'm deliberately not calling them resolutions, I do have some goals this year. One of those is to stay more active by swimming as often as I can. Recently, while thinking about how I could promote that, I had an idea! Could my bank Monzo's integration with IFTTT help? What I've ended up with is a simple penalty system that runs on a two day cycle. If I don't go swimming on any particular... (Read More)