Oliver Dunk

19 Years Old, Developer at 1Password.

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Charity Build

Charity Build was created to help visitors learn more about the project, where cars are restored and then auctioned off in aid of charity. It was gifted free of charge, and I designed and build the site in about a week.

Yorkshire.Travel App

For the last few months through until the present, I've been doing some part time work at the Creative Shed Agency in Leeds. Here, I work with the team to create clean and responsive websites, as well as mobile applications. Pictured is the Yorkshire.Travel app, which I made in mid 2015 to expand upon their website which aims to help tourists find the best attractions in the area.


Created to help Minecraft administrators control their servers, this is an ongoing projet which is published on the Google Play store as an Android app. It has had several hundred downloads to date, and maintains an active community of users who are extremely positive about the product. It was created over a few months in Java, which persists to be my strongest programming language.